Finance Ministry

WE ARE CALLED to be good stewards of our time, talent, facilities, and money.
WE ARE RESPONDING TO OUR CALL THROUGH tending to the needs of all our ministries by providing active leadership and guidance in the areas of raising, handling and accounting for the funds.
WITH HOPE AND EXCITEMENT, OUR VISION is to ensure St. James Lutheran Church remains a model of good stewardship.

Our Finance Ministry team’s primary mission is to maintain and effective financial system that will enable St. James Lutheran Church to establish other needed ministries. The Finance Ministry Team:

  • Gathers, manages, and protects God’s resources allocated to St. James Lutheran Church.
  • Assures that St. James has an internal annual financial audit.
  • Encourages members to experience spiritual growth through tithing or giving to God’s work.
  • Administers the Aderholdt Scholarship Fund and Theda Suggs Endowment Fund.
  • Hosts Meet and Greet at least twice a year.
  • Ensures our share of Mission Support is paid to support the work of the NC Synod and the world-wide church.
  • Writes a monthly article for The Messenger.
  • Identifies and develops financial talent in our church.
  • Writes job descriptions for the chairperson and the treasurer.
  • Writes policies/procedures for the weekly counting process and for the Finance Ministry Team.
  • Holds regular monthly meetings to review the financial matters of St. James.
  • Provides, trains and schedules the counters for the weekly offerings.

Finance Ministry Team Members:

  • Jim Schlenker, Chair
  • Sarah Parrish 
  • George Sachno
  • Stella San Miguel


              Pictured: George Sachno & Jim Schlenker



2019 Ministry Spending Plan

Click here to view the 2019 Ministry Spending Plan