Endowment Ministry

Endowment gifts keep on giving…
Neighbor to neighbor, Community to community, Generation to generation

What is a Mission Endowment Fund?

  • It allows giving by members and others to further the ministry of the whole church.
  • It is a perpetual fund from which only the earnings are distributed. 
  • It funds mission work locally, synod wide and church wide.
  • It funds programs not supported by the regular operating budget of the church. 
  • A Mission Endowment Fund is Stewardship Ministry – the faithful management of all God’s gifts to humankind:  the created world, life, time, abilities, and money.

What Can Be Given to the Mission Endowment Fund?

  • Cash
  • Stock 
  • Life Insurance Policies or Bequests
  • Certificates of deposit
  • IRA’s and retirement funds
  • Real property or real estate 
  • Corporate or government bonds
  • Wills

What Can a Grant Support?  Click here for a grant application to support St. James ministries

  • Evangelism – New mission development, ministry in the community, and evangelism in the community, synod, and worldwide church.
  • Outreach – Support for agencies to which congregation ministers such as local, synod, and church wide.
  • Christian Education – Can include students who are preparing for career vocations within the ELCA, mission trips and other local, synod, and church wide educational opportunities.
  • Other Opportunities – Other opportunities that may arise, which further support the mission of St. James.
  • Special Needs of the Congregation – Support for needs that are not normally itemized in the operational budget.

Purpose of the Mission Endowment Fund Ministry Team

  • To act as the custodian of the fund and administer it to enhance the mission of the church. 
  • Solicit requests for distribution of monies from The Mission Endowment Fund. 
  • Maintain a record of all gifts received and acknowledge receipt of the gifts to the donor.
  • Make regular reports to the Church Council as to the status of the fund. 
  • Consider and vote on grant requests through e-mail or meetings as needed. 

Mission Endowment Fund Ministry Team Members 

  • Catherine Earle (Chair)
  • Gary Eissinger
  • Willa Porter
  • John Frinak
  • Marcia Katt

The Endowment Team is here for you! If you would like to donate to the fund or have questions about submitting a grant request, any member of the ministry team will be glad to discuss the Mission Endowment Fund with you, or you may contact the Church Office for further details.