Altar Guild

The Altar Guild Ministry Team is composed of volunteer members of the congregation who choose this activity to serve Christ and the congregation. They faithfully and reverently prepare the house of the Lord for scheduled worship services. Altar Guild members serve for regularly scheduled Sunday services and other services such as funerals, weddings, and other special services.

Their duties include cleaning and properly preparing the chancel, altar, and baptismal font. They insure that all the items needed and used during the service are prepared and properly placed. They change the paraments (altar, pulpit, lectern linens) to match the appropriate season of the church year. The Altar Guild sets the weekly table for Holy Communion and insures that clean linens are available as required.

This work is usually done on Saturday mornings. Two or more members are assigned for each month to prepare for Sunday services. They spend between one and two hours getting ready. Because the congregation never sees the Altar Guild at work, but only the results, they are sometimes referred to as “the invisible committee.”

Members are assigned to their duties by the Committee Chairperson. If you would like to be a part of preparing the house of the Lord for worship services, contact the Chair, Elizabeth Robertson at 867-4384.