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Welcome to Saint James!


 St. James is the ELCA Church (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) in the Greater Fayetteville area. 



We invite you to  participate in the synod-wide Bible reading plan this summer!



 It’s that time of year again! Another summer, another NC Synod online Bible study sponsored by the NC Synod’s Engage The Bible Task Group (A Book of Faith Ministry).

This year's Remarkable Mark will begin July 15 and may be read as daily posts on Facebook, or daily emails which come to your inbox

The Gospel of Mark is written in a straightforward style that doesn’t mince words. The Gospel can be divided into three parts centering on Jesus’ discipleship. The first and last sections proclaim him as Messiah. In the middle Jesus tries to prepare his friends for the surprising way things will unfold.

Let's read this remarkable Gospel together!