Welcome to Saint James!

 St. James is the ELCA Church (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) in the Greater Fayetteville area.



God’s Gifts 2017   

 A new ministry team has begun work on launching next year’s Ministry Vision Plan -  God’s Gifts 2017. This approach to developing a spending plan is different than anything St. James has had in the recent past. We will be sharing more information in the coming weeks about the mission and focus of ministry for 2017 that the congregation council is developing around our core values. This is an exciting endeavor and we look forward to working with the congregation. As we embark upon God’s Gifts 2017 campaign, we invite the entire congregation to join in prayer that we respond to God’s generous love with open hearts.

Pray for joyous hearts … surrendered hearts … trusting hearts … generous and sacrificial hearts. Please worship with us often, and as information is distributed soon (via postal mail, email, Facebook, text, web site, etc.) read it prayerfully, discuss as family, and be open to God’s call to be involved in making St. James an exciting place to be!


With gratitude for your faithfulness - Craig Pinkley, Stewardship for All Seasons Ministry Team Chair